National Engineers Day and Energy Innovation Challenge 2017

2017 was the third year for the Energy Innovation Challenge (EIC) coordinated and executed by the Institute of Engineers and Singapore Science Centre. This year I got to mentor two teams from the Institute of Education (ITE). The title for this year was urban heat island and I felt that the title for the year sided with the students whose understanding of theory is strong, specifically the junior colleges and university teams. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, we understand urban heat island is the study and understanding that urban and developed areas are warmer than rural areas. That observation is true, especially in areas where greenery is scarce.

Trying to explain the topic to the students was a challenge, but one that which I enjoyed doing. At the end of the day, what I wanted was for students to learn something out of the challenge that may be useful to them in the future. The team did their best to impress the judges and they left the competition with an enriched experience.


Something which I personally enjoyed during the induction and mentors matching with the students was the straw towers. The students competed fiercely on building the tallest stable straw towers.

Some of the teams even constructed the marina bay sands tower which was impressive.


Institution of Engineers Singapore organizing team was also nice to give us mentors an engraved pen as a token of appreciation.


See u guys next year with a new team!






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