World Engineers Summit (WES) and National Engineers Day (2015), Energy Innovation Challenge (2015)

2015 was the inaugural year for the National Engineers Day’s Energy Innovation Challenge (EIC) coordinated and executed by the Institute of Engineers Singapore and Singapore Science Center supported by National Research Foundation. I had signed up for the event as mentor to be paired up with students to assist and guide them towards innovative ways of harnessing energy. The team that I was assigned with was from Anglo Chinese Junior College, three bright and brilliant kids from Indonesia. In my day to day work, most of my interactions are with much elderly men and woman and it is sometimes difficult to attract younger degree holders to the construction industry. So it was personally a very enriching experience working with students 10 over years younger than me. This was not only limited to the discussions we had during the entire length of four months through various mediums, the kids were well prepared and confident in their delivery during the actual presentation.



Door gift for the Energy Innovation Challenge 2015


The actual poster used during the presentation. The work and dedication that has gone into this poster is clearly visible.



The presentation to the judges where the team explains the solar collector in detail.


The picture shows the Minister award the students 2nd runner up for the competition.

The team won 2nd runner up for the presentation and concept during the award ceremony on Nation Engineers Day 2015 and I was personally glad and fortunate for mentoring such bright kids. I do hope they move on to becoming great engineers and scientists and make substantial positive contribution to society and the world.


I also attended the World Engineer Summit concurrently and it was an interesting and educational seminar with many keynote industry expert speakers.


Door gift for the world engineer summit. I particularly liked this door gift as the thumb drive as seen on the picture had a cover using recycled paper.








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