Transport infrastructure in Indonesia

Indonesia as a country is expanding at an accelerated manner with foreign investment. Japanese investments are pouring in, and the area Karawang where I work in has a large expatriate Japanese population. Japan is also well known for her infrastructure and efficiency. Transport infrastructure being one of the important factors of productivity is a key focus for countries that are expanding economically.

Indonesia has a long way to go when it comes to infrastructure and productivity is strongly reduced when poor transport infrastructure is in place. From personal experience, the air is much polluted due to the increasing amount of motor vehicles on the congested roads. A 10KM trip on the road which would take a few minutes in Singapore might end up as a 3 hour trip in Jakarta. That is how congested Jakarta is. Recommendations to improve the situation will require the authorities to invest on transport infrastructure. For the short term, these should be considered:-

1) Road widening projects on existing pathways to include more lanes on the expressway.
2) Introduction of dedicated pathways for motor-cycles.
3) Digitalising toll payments for Central Business District Areas and the establishment of a traffic light system.
4) Ground-work for mass rapid train network to improve commute.

It is important that Indonesia have the infrastructure to move people from one location to another as quickly as possible without delay. Without an effective public and private transport [system], people will not be able to work and attend events on time, impeding growth and productivity in the country.

If Indonesia wants further expedite economic growth, productivity would be a big pillar that needs to be scaled. Productivity is closely connected to punctuality and that is a major hurdle for Indonesia right now.

Best Regards,
Syed Mubarak Bin Subukutheen

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