Ghost Town Chikarang and Karawang, Indonesian Presidential Election

Almost 180 million voters, the world’s third largest democratic country. But, is the country really democratic? That is for the global nations to research and deduce. 9th July 2014 was designated as a public holiday and we were advised not to hang out too much. But then, we still had to go out for our meal for breaking the Ramadhan fast right?

We left the house a few minutes before 4pm. Voting is supposedly until 1pm. Myself and 2 other colleagues started our trip to Lippo Chikarang, supposedly one of the nicest malls near our house. Carpark was full and when we finally parked our vehicle, there was little time to do our shopping. We had to buy some drinks, crackers, cup noodles and other daily necessities. The breaking fast meal came late as the store was busy. We were glad that we had a decent sitting spot.

We went back home to put our stuff and decided to be back on the road slightly after 7pm. Road was empty, the Cafe’s were empty and so were the restaurants.

We decided to get some cakes and we were the only customers at Starbucks. A Venti double chocolate and brownies costed slightly above $7-SGD. If it was back home, it would have been double that price.

A town which is usually not crowded became almost empty on that day. This shows that people are passionate about the voting and they are hoping for a better tomorrow. Let’s see the results of the election and be an observer in the coming years.

With Love and Regards,
Syed Mubarak Bin Subukutheen

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