Garuda Indonesia should work on their delays.

Pretty decent flying experience for a reasonable price. The only thing that is missing out though is the timing of flights. 4 out of 6 flights that I took through Garuda was delayed. Among the delayed flights were three flights back home to Singapore. My opinion regarding the use of Garuda was that, if I want to be on time, I should stop taking Garuda flights back home. The food that is served when I take a return flight to Singapore is awesome though. It comes with dessert and a tasty meal with bun.

The thing about Bandar Udara International Soekarno-Hatta is that, we can never assume a good arrival time(to the airport). Traffic Congestion in Indonesia, Jakarta is very very common and very very annoying. The congestion can be so bad with people cutting lanes and stuff that if you have a poor driver, the car will not move at all. So, the only means to schedule the trip to the airport is to leave way earlier than the time of check-in.


So imagine the time needed to be on the road + the waiting time at the airport + the news that the flight is delayed. That can annoy lots of people. If I were to recommend something, the roads must be widened, more roadways must be made to facilitate the country’s growth. Garuda, if they wish to maintain their customers must work on their timing of the flights.


With love,

Syed Mubarak Bin Subukutheen

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