Indonesia, its been more than a month

A Singaporean working in another country is surprising, unless it is in another developed country. The question then becomes, what am I doing in Indonesia? leaving behind the prosperity of the amazing city state.


Many Singaporeans complain about the high cost of living in Singapore and the thought that we have to work till we die. Question. Have we really ventured out and had a better life elsewhere? Vacations don’t count. Why? Because we don’t have work pulling us down. How many Singaporeans have really worked overseas and found life there easier? Everyone I have met and spoken to, ends up telling me that they miss Singapore. There is nothing like home right? It is true.


Back in Singapore, I contributed to nation building while I was in the Authority (LTA). It was not an easy task but I felt satisfied that I was serving the nation in the manner I could. I am still serving Singapore and my people through my interaction with groups and organizations. I don’t need to be present there physically in Singapore to support in manners I could. That is what a true citizen is, we support the country in the manner we could.


So Why am I here? For a while, perhaps the last 6 to 7 years, I wanted to make a difference to the world. To make it a better place. I wanted to start with developing countries. Big dreams and ambitions? Not really. I am only doing what a good person is expected to do. To make life better for everyone.

When the offer came for me to work in Indonesia, the first thing I heard from my prospective employer is that I am supposed to train the locals. What better way can we improve the state of country rather than the transferring of knowledge? We teach them how to fish rather than merely give them the fish. But sometimes, we have to give them the fish too.


It is also a means to get out of my own comfort zone.


Regards and with love,

Syed Mubarak Bin Subukutheen

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