A drive to Bandung- 15 June 2014

The ambient air was cool, perhaps at 23 to 25 degrees. That is Bandung and that is the argument that bought me over when a Singaporean colleague wanted to drive to Bandung, a 2 hours ride from Chikarang. I slept almost all the way though. When I did wake up, the beautiful mountains and scenery looked amazing. We reached Bandung before the noon prayer and that was considered a big deal taking into consideration the jam in Indonesia. Trust me, you might take almost an hour to travel 4 to 5 km when there is a jam between you and your destination.


But that is exactly what it is, you never know when you are going to reach. Once reached, my colleague and myself got ourselves some expensive coffee. The problem is that nobody drinks coffee with milk. If I were to get myself coffee with milk, either I have to make it myself or get myself Nescafe.  Thank God that there is Nescafe. You start appreciating the small things that you used to have. Then, you start adapting and learn how to drink a strong coffee brew without sugar or milk.


The rest of the afternoon was spent wastefully trying to go up a hill for 2 hours in a jam and when my colleague finally gave up and decided to return, we got ourselves in another jam for 1 hour while going down. Interesting. Lunch was in Wendy’s and my verdict is that Singapore Wendy’s is better in quality and size.


The only upsetting thing we got ourselves into was that we got stopped by the traffic police twice for some minor matters and they were extremely unprofessional. Both me and my colleague did our national service in Singapore Police Force and both of us were extremely turned off by such unprofessional behavior by a police officer. We returned after getting ourselves some local coffee.


The local coffee is coffee without filtering the coffee dust by the way.


With love and regards,

Syed Mubarak Bin Subukutheen

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